Tips to get children comfortable with wearing masks


MARION COUNTY, Ind. — In Marion County, children like adults are required to wear masks.

We ​spoke with the director of infectious disease at Ascension Saint Vincent who acknowledged this is a big change for our kids and might present some difficulties for parents.

“I’m sure the first few days are gonna get fidgety, picking at the masks, those sorts of things, but I think those things are gonna get patient with time,” Dr. Christopher Belcher said. “Be patient with your child. Work with them. Let them know it’s important and keep practicing with it.”

He also advised parents to talk with children about germs, so they understand why they’re wearing a mask. Also, find a mask your child likes, and thinks is comfortable. it might convince them to wear it more.

You can even make your own masks to make it feel special and get them excited about it.

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