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INDIANAPOLIS (July, 10, 2015) – Central Indiana saw record rainfall this week, and auto damage reports are starting to trickle in.

“Numerous electronics can be damaged if the water comes in under the doors.  A lot of electronics in today’s cars are under the seats and under the carpet,” said Chuck Ross with PFM Car & Truck Care.

Water can damage your car even if you didn’t end up in a flash flood. Moss says the number one thing to remember is not to start your car if you suspect there is water inside.  This can be the difference between a relatively simple $200 fix and a total loss.

“The engine can actually pull water into the cylinders and create a hydro lock situation. Normally if you can catch it before you try to start the vehicle or drive it, drain and then refill the fluids, typically you would be OK,” said Moss.

In most cases, you can dry out your car on your own.

“To the best of your ability the carpets need to be dried out, even removed from the vehicle so electronics can dry out,” said Moss.

If water makes it up to your doors, you may need help from a professional.  Your seats will need to be removed to dry out the entire interior.