TIPTON, Ind. — Tipton High School announced on their Facebook page that school will be closed Monday due to illness.

“It was surprising because I’ve had students in the school system for several years and this has never happened before,” said parent Carrie Capshaw. “So, it was shocking to hear.”

Meanwhile, health experts say this uptick in people getting sick is no surprise.

Rachel Fundenberger, a pediatrician in Westfield, said some people are already getting the flu.

“So, we’re starting to see a lot more viruses coming out with kids headed back to school. Viruses are going around and a lot more sickness coming in our office,” said Dr. Fundenberger.

Health experts like Dr. John C. Christenson with Riley Children’s Health also said that they’re starting to see an increase in cases of COVID-19.

“We had 15 cases with five of those being hospitalized,” Dr. Christenson said. “When you compare that to three weeks ago, we only had three.”

Dr. Christenson said the flu and COVID vaccines will be available by the end of September.

As for Tipton, the school said classes will resume on Tuesday.