Tipton police remind locals about golf cart regulations after complaints

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Tipton Police Department says they are receiving a lot of complaints about the unlawful and unsafe ways people are using golf carts.

The biggest complaint are people driving underage and unlicensed drivers operating them.

"I’m afraid more than anything the people who are not following the rules are going to ruin it for the rest of us that are," resident James Anderson said.

"Just last week my biggest concern was when I saw a father with like a six-month-old baby sitting on his lap driving down the street in the golf cart knowing that a sudden stop could be tragic," resident Kelly Hawkins said.

For some people, the golf cart has become a convenient option. James Anderson uses it to get around town with his dog Odis.

He says many times he sees other people being reckless with the carts.

"If something happens to some little kid driving one of these things then they are going to say no more and I can’t blame them. The rules are out there, and we need to follow them just like a regular automobile," Anderson said.

The Tipton Police Department is trying to do a better job explaining what’s required and what is expected from golf cart users.

It starts with getting them inspected and being equipped with the standard equipment.

"You have to have seat belts, which I have down here. Have to have turn signals at stop lights, brake lights, headlights, and a horn," Anderson said.

Any person violating the city’s ordinances can be fined.

"There’s a fine amount set for the first violation through the fourth violation and those ordinance violations would be sent to the Tipton Circuit court," Officer Brad Robins said.

Golf carts are a way of life within a lot of communities around Central Indiana.

Just like in any town, Tipton Police just want people to be safe when driving them.

"I believe that life is very temporary, and I think we should all enjoy every single day and live life to the fullest and have as much fun as we can, but I also believe everybody should have a safety net," Hawkins said.

If you see someone not following the regulations, reach out to Tipton police’s dispatch.

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