INDIANAPOLIS — A spree of slashed tires in a south side neighborhood leaves some residents stranded and annoyed.

“Now they have to replace a tire that could have been avoided if somebody wouldn’t be so mean, and do things like this,” said Candice Wright, a homeowner who caught the suspect on surveillance video, “When they do get caught, I hope they do learn their lesson.”

Police reports from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) said six cars were vandalized on South Talbott street on Tuesday night. In the surveillance video taken from Wright’s home, you can see the person bend down to cut the tire of an SUV before heading down the street.

“I would stay it’s a young person, and kind of the way they walked, that it was a female,” speculated Talbott.

Meredith Jones was woken up by her boyfriend early Wednesday morning. He was about to head to work in Bloomington when he discovered his vehicle was one of the six impacted. It cost them more than $250 to get the tire replaced.

“He was able to take my car. I drove my bike to work cause it was a clear day,” said Jones, “Once he gets home, we are going directly to Goodyear to pick up the car. I just don’t understand how someone could be so inconsiderate, bored.”

IMPD continues to investigate the situation. If you recognize this person, please contact local law enforcement.