Tis the season to use great deals to tint your home

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This is the time of year you can get some great deals on painting. Most companies are only half as busy because it’s too cold to paint outside, so many offer low rates!

“We’re going to do a 20 percent off for the month of December, and that’s any bookings,” said Greg Bowers, owner of All Pro Painting Company. “So if you call and say I want to get my exterior done in March of April, we’re also going to honor that 20 percent off.”

Typically you can get a room done for a few hundred dollars, including quality paint. If you do the painting yourself, professionals have some advice.

“If homeowners want to do a good job, they should probably tape off walls and trim unless they have a steady hand,” said professional painter Adam Klinefelter. “If you don’t have a steady hand, it will be all over your base molding, and your door frames, and your floor most likely. It can make a bigger mess than it’s worth.”

Another reason professionals don’t always use painters’ tape is because it can bleed through, and will get on what you don’t want painted.

“You definitely want to go through and cut-in the borders and edges first. And that way, when you roll, it actually blends in with the wall,” said Bowers. “A lot of time when you roll first, then cut in, you will have what’s called ‘banding’ where you can see your lines, and brush marks.”

Professionals also suggest investing in painting tools, getting a good drop cloth, buying a good brush and not buying the $1.99 special.

When you are considering whether or not to paint your own home, one thing you need to ask yourself is how tough will the job be and in some cases, how tall are the walls? Also, do you have the proper ladders or scaffolding?

As Bowers jokingly told FOX 59, professional painters are definitely cheaper than a broken leg. And speaking of cheap, if you hire a painting company, don’t necessarily go with the cheapest company. Ask around for referrals. You may also want to make sure they don’t contract out their work and that they do provide a satisfaction guarantee.

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