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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Friday is the last day for residents to move out of the I-70 Mobile Home Park.

Their deadline comes six months after the property owners issued eviction notices.

Last August, residents were told they needed to vacate the property by October, so the Indiana Attorney General’s Office stepped in and halted the vacate notice.

The AG’s office took the mobile park owners, Blue Lake, Inc. to court. Some people like Myrtle Adams received checks for their mobile home.

The AG’s office and the owners worked out a deal on when folks must leave the property. That day was Friday.

A nearby neighbor of the park rented several moving trucks and called on others to help people move. Tammy Coffey is one of those volunteers.

“I’m not leaving until the absolute last air in me takes me out for the night. I’m not leaving. I will be helping as many as I can to get through this situation,” Tammy Coffey said.

She believes something must be done about the way some landlords treat tenants.

“They really need to step up and look at the problem at hand and quit letting these landlords get away with doing this to people because it’s inhumane and not right,” Coffey said.

Until then, Adams wants to warn others to be aware that her situation can happen to you.

“You just don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow so don’t get too comfortable. Enjoy what you’re doing and what you have but you don’t get comfortable, because tomorrow may be a different story,” Resident Myrtle Adams said.

According to the order issued, after midnight tonight Blue Lake, Inc. can take action to remove people from the property.

The AG’s office tells us that more residents may receive checks for their mobile homes. However, it’s still being worked out in court.

No word yet on when the owners plan to clean the property. In December, the Marion County Health Department received a complaint about the trash and debris.

A hearing about the trash order was scheduled earlier this week, but it’s been continued to March 11th.

The Indiana State Department of Health got involved in January by issuing an order for the mobile home park to be cleaned up.