Top-ranking U.S. marshal under investigation after pet dog shot in Fishers

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A top-ranking U.S. marshal in southern Indiana is under investigation for shooting a dog in Fishers, Ind. Tuesday night.

Chief Deputy William “Buzz” Brown told officers with the Fishers Police Department that he arrived home from work at 11:15 p.m. on Feb. 26, when “a small dog came out of the bushes and began to bark” at him.

Brown stated that is when he backed up and fired two shots at the terrier.

The dog, Reese, was taken to an area veterinary clinic and treated for a gunshot wound to her front left leg and a fracture to her rear left leg.

Fishers police will not charge Brown for the shooting, claiming it was self-defense.

U.S. Marshal Kerry Forestal told Fox59 News that Brown remains on the job.  He said Brown has filed a written report on the incident, which will be sent to the Office of Inspection at the U.S. Marshals Service in Washington, D.C.  The office will then write a report, which will be forwarded to the Firearms Review Board.

“I trust Chief Deputy Brown’s ability to make decisions on a daily basis and I continue to trust him,” said Forestal.

According to Forestal, Brown must qualify with his firearm twice a year.

Brown, a veteran federal agent, has been the chief deputy of the Southern District of Indiana for the past three years and has been with the U.S. Marshal Service for 10 years.

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