Topgolf, IKEA still looking to fill open positions

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FISHERS, Ind. – Businesses preparing to open in Fishers, like Topgolf and IKEA, say they’re still looking for employees.

A representative from Topgolf says so far, the company has hired about 350 employees. In July, the company announced it had 500 open positions. Across the street, Portillos and IKEA both say they also have vacant positions. A spokesperson with IKEA says they’ve currently filled roughly 90 percent of their vacancies.

Company officials with all three companies say they’re confident that they will be able to fill all of their vacancies before their grand openings, but many companies in Hamilton County are struggling to fill all of their open positions.

Experts say there have been challenges filling jobs across the county. According to the Hamilton County Economic Development Corporation, a shrinking unemployment rate and an influx of opportunities thanks to the county’s growth has made it increasingly difficult for employers to find employees, potentially leaving thousands of open positions in the area.

Part of the problem lies with the number of people who have to commute in and out of the area, according to president and CEO Tim Monger.

“It tends to be magnified in a county like Hamilton County where you do have, for a number of jobs, people commuting. Both into the county as well as out of the county,” Monger said.

Monger says one solution lies in initiatives targeting the younger generation of Hoosiers to better prepare them for the specific demands of future employers.

“So it’s continuing to be vigilant, to look at if you will the pipeline as well as looking at the people that are dislocated from unemployment and what their skills are relative to what’s available in the marketplace,” Monger said.

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