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INDIANAPOLIS, IN–The mixture of ice, sleet and snow on the roads making it difficult for some drivers Friday. But despite the slick conditions tow truck companies in the Indianapolis area say they experienced a smaller call volume that expected.

Multiple companies reported to FOX59/CBS4 that there appeared to be fewer drivers on the roads during the morning commute, particularly on Indy-area highways. Tow truck companies say that dip in volume seemed to give road crews more time, and space to work road surfaces. As a result, the companies report fewer calls to the interstate than expected, save for a few slide offs and jack-knifed semis.

“I was expecting there to be a lot more slide offs, jackknifes, the city has actually done really good with getting the roads clear,” Jeff Edwards said.

However, companies say they have seen their fair share of slide offs a minor accidents on local streets. Zore’s Towing tow truck driver Jeff Edwards said the evening drop in temperature is his main concern, adding that he wouldn’t be surprised if he saw a few more accidents caused by snow and slush re-freezing on road surfaces.