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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A person has died after a “tragic incident” at Geist Reservoir, according to the Fishers Fire Department.

Just before midnight Friday, responders were called to Geist Cove Way after it was reported that a male victim was in the water off the dock.

FFD says emergency crews were able to find the victim quickly, and he was taken to the hospital, where he later died.

The identity of the victim has not yet been released.

Captain John Mehling says rescue teams tried their best to a save a man on Friday.

“These are the things that we try to be prepared for; unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t work,” Captain John Mehling said.

Water can be dangerous; even for the best swimmers.

Captain Mehling says people should respect the water.

“You can get hit your head. You can get tired and when you’re in murky water it’s difficult for those with you to see you under the water,” Captain Mehling said.

He says people should not drink and drive a boat and always have flotations devices when you are near water.

FFD is trying to make every summer a drown free summer; which is why they offer a free-swimming program.

“We come out free of charge and offer a program for kids and parents on how to stay safe around the pool. How to stay safe around the retention ponds and while boating,” Captain Mehling said.

Captain Mehling says they will keep teaching the dangers of water until it reaches every person.

“This is very frustrating for us as responders because people obviously haven’t got the word. We didn’t reach this gentleman last night to let him know you got to be prepared and be prepared for the worst-case scenario,” Captain Mehling said.

The victim’s official cause of death will be released once the autopsy is complete.