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INDIANAPOLIS — Travel experts are offering a few ways to stay ahead of increasing flight cancellations and delays.

First, they recommend downloading the app for your airline and turning on notifications.

They also say to check the status of your flight right before you leave your house since it’s better to wait out a delay at home.

If your flight is delayed or canceled, experts recommend sitting close to the ticket counter.

“It may seem silly, but the closer you can sit to the ticket counter when you’re at your gate, if they do announce a cancellation, it is going to matter who gets to that gate, or that ticket counter first because when they’re changing flights, obviously they can only put so many people on the next flight. So if you’re one of the first ones in line, that can make a big difference,” said Callie Enright, travel agent.

Travel experts also recommend being careful when you pack. Make sure you keep everything you need for the next few days in your carry-on just in case your checked bags gets lost.