Travelers in Indy React to SF Crash

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Travelers coming through Indianapolis Airport are paying close attention to the disaster in San Francisco. The images from that deadly Boeing 777 crash are hard to look at it, but it’s not stopping people from flying.

“My first reaction was you could be killed on the freeway a lot sooner than you could in a plane accident,” says Carol Drew of Phoenix, Arizona.

Brad Drew, also of Phoenix says, “I suppose it’ll give you a little taste of reality, but, we’ve flown quite a bit, never had any problems.”

The two of them spent some time in Indy, before it was time to go back home. They did so in the wake of the San Francisco plane crash, but, a few extra prayers were said.

Just a few weeks ago, a simulated jet crash happened at Indianapolis airport. It was almost like the real thing. There was fire, scared passengers, and a response. It was a test that had a very real feel, to prepare, in case the real thing happened. That’s comforting to passenger John Kloos.

“We have the best air transportation system in the world, this is the safest place to fly, and you gotta like that, you gotta be thankful for that.”

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