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INDIANAPOLIS — Two children are miraculously okay after large trees came crashing into their bedrooms Saturday morning.

One of the incidents happened on the city’s east side in the 700 block of N. Bazil Avenue. The large tree in their neighbor’s yard fell into the bedroom where their 3-year-old daughter was sleeping.

The girl’s father said he ran into the bedroom and had to fish his daughter out from under a pile of debris. The girl was taken to Riley Hospital for Children to be checked out and is doing fine.

Another incident happened in Carmel on Beechwood Drive. A child was napping when a tree crashed through the roof. The Carmel Fire Department said the child was not injured.

“It’s very important that if you have trees or your neighbor has a tree to keep an eye on that,” Eric Banister with the Wayne Township Fire Department said. “Because it’s a beautiful old tree but if that beautiful old tree catches the right amount of wind it may wind up turning your house into a skylight.”

Fire crews across the metro area were busy all day responding to incidents of downed trees and power lines.

The Wayne Township Fire Department responded to a home on Emory Lane today after a tree crashed through the roof and knocked down power lines. The department says nobody was injured.

Courtesy: Wayne Township Fire Department

Officials say because of so many downed power lines they want people to be cautious when inspecting damage.

“If it’s coming out of a pole or out of a house we want to make sure everyone stays away from them. Call 911. Call the power company,” Banister said. “Don’t assume any power line is dead or not live until it’s proven by a professional.”

Because of all those downed lines, power remains out for many Saturday night as crews work around the clock to get the lights back on.