Trees down, power outages reported in Lebanon following severe weather

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LEBANON – Strong winds brought down several trees and power lines in Lebanon Wednesday.

Around 4 p.m. limbs from a tree at Memorial Park came down and onto Camp Road.

Tom Volbrecht said it was like “slow motion” when he watched it happen from his house across the street.

“I heard a crack noise,” said Volbrecht. “I looked up and next thing I know there was a tree down!”

He watched as workers cleared away the fallen limbs from the street and then chopped them up.

Just before that, crews were moving a large tree out of the way on East Washington Street near Park. This one was ripped from its roots by strong winds.

“The wind picked up real bad outta nowhere and it got real loud. And then we heard the crack and looked around the corner and that tree was across the road,” recalled a resident who lives on Washington Street.

“Straight line winds come through. About five trees down. Knocked out a street light,” explained Parks Director John Messenger. “We have power out on the west of town, I believe. Some on the north side too.”

Lebanon also suffered flash flooding. Several roads were impassable for a short time during the afternoon. Several basements were under water at an apartment complex on the 300 block of North East Street.

“I had to stop earlier because my car, it got too much water in the engine and it made my engine belt slip so I couldn’t really do anything, couldn’t turn my wheel or anything,” said Josh Bashor, a pizza delivery driver who was making the rounds around town. He said business picked up during the storm, which was about the only good that came out of it.

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