Trip to grocery store for milk makes Johnson Co. man $150K richer

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A Johnson County man is $150,000 richer after taking a trip to a local grocery store for chocolate milk.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Phillip Littrell.  “My luck’s not like that.  This is an once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing.”

While visiting a Kroger located at 1700 Northwood Plaza in Franklin, Ind., Littrell also purchased a Winner Take All Scratch-off Lottery ticket, worth a whopping $150,000.

Littrell, who works for KYB Manufacturing, said he plans to use his winnings to pay some bills and make a very special purchase: a wheelchair-accessible van for his wife.

“It’s changing my life. I can’t pay my house off, but I’ll be able to pay everything else off, and I’ll be able to take her places now,” said Littrell.  “I’ve already called the dealership about it.”

Littrell is the first winner to claim a top prize in the scratch-off.

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