Trooper discusses viral semi accident video

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A Kentucky man and his son are lucky to be alive after a violent crash near Greensburg that sent a semi truck airborne and ignited a large fire.

Now, the video of the crash, which took place along Interstate 74 on Thursday, is also catching fire online. In less than 24 hours, a YouTube video of the crash has generated more than 40,000 views and counting.

“Obviously it was pretty extreme,” said Senior Trooper David Noah with the Indiana State Police. “If somebody would have told you about that and you hadn’t seen it on video, you’d find it hard to believe.”

It’s even more unbelievable that the truck was carrying a load of bricks when it went airborne. It also somehow missed a collision with a light pole by less than five feet.

Though the trailer did catch fire, it wasn’t until after the gas tanks separated from the truck, giving the driver and his 7-year-old son an opportunity to escape without any severe injuries. Both were treated and released from a local hospital.

The odds of capturing the video on a dash cam are also pretty unbelievable. Benny Wright, the man who posted the video on YouTube, had a dash cam on his truck. Moments after the crash you can see Wright running toward the crash to help.

Fox59 News reached out to Wright for comment on Friday but his only response was, “I don’t want to be interviewed. I just wanted people to see what I saw first hand.”

The problem is, nobody can see what caused the crash to happen in the first place.

“The driver’s story is that a car started coming into his lane and that he swerved to keep from colliding with the car and that he got off the roadway and that he couldn’t correct it back onto the roadway,” Trooper Noah said. “Then what happened is what you saw in the video.”

But Trooper Noah said what happened from there is unclear.

“There was a point, I guess, the driver said he kind of forgot what happened,” Noah said. “He remembers going off the roadway, going, you know, for a little distance and then he says he doesn’t remember much after that until he came to a stop.”

The driver’s son was reportedly sleeping and Noah said there are no other witnesses to verify his account, meaning the story will stand, no matter what you believe.

“In regards to what actually happened and why he left the roadway, I’m not 100 percent on,” Noah said. “We never will be 100 percent on it unless the driver, you know, is going to come forthright and tell us 100 percent of what the truth is.”

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