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AUSTIN (KXAN) — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues on, the need for remote jobs are becoming even more desirable for millions of Americans.

But that also means the work-from-home market is very competitive at the moment, with LinkedIn reporting the number of remote listings has nearly tripled since the start of the pandemic.

Remote career consultant Fabrizia Zanca tells Huffington Post that your regular résumé will benefit from some remote-specific improvements.

“You must craft your résumé taking into consideration what the company needs and expects from you to succeed in the role,” says Zanca.

Here are a few résumé refreshers that may help you snag a remote role.

Specifically mention all remote work you’ve done

What qualifies may surprise you.

“If you’ve worked at a distance from your coworkers, across time zones or physical distances, that counts. If you’ve worked from home occasionally or regularly, that counts,” said Brie Weiler Reynolds, a career development manager and coach at FlexJobs and

Weiler tells HuffPo that even earning a degree or certification online counts — so does volunteer work.

She recommends listing a “Director of Marketing” experience as “Director of Marketing (100% Remote Work),” to indicate which past jobs were in-person or not.

Tailor your résumé to working from home during the pandemic

In your résumé or cover letter, explain the effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on your work performance and how you’ve adjusted, Zanca says. Explain why you’re a good remote worker (“Able to self-supervise”) vs. why you want to work remote.

Your cover letter should not be about you, but about what you can offer.

Tailor your skill set for a remote work job

Job search coach Ashley Watkins told HuffPo that the skills she most sought to find while recruiting are: taking initiative, managing time, adaptability, decision making and flexibility.

“Providing clear examples of how you’ve been successful in each of these areas supports your request for a remote role,” says Watkins.