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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 22, 2016) — Missing for twelve cold, winter days, Murphy the dog is now safe and sound, back with the Brown County Humane Society. But, the Humane Society says it’s all due to the community coming together.

On Jan. 8, the Humane Society received Murphy by way of another rescue shelter.

“We had little information on Murphy,” said SueAnn Werling, the Society’s board president. “So really his story, we know nothing about.”

That all changed the next morning during kennel cleanings.

“It was just a flash, and he was gone,” said Werling of Murphy’s disappearance. “We weren’t really sure what happened. We don’t know if he scooted under the gate.”

The Humane Society staff immediately started looking. They alerted the police and animal control. Volunteers and local residents got in on the search.

“It really was a grass roots, boots on the ground [effort],” said Werling. “Everyone was looking for this boy.”

Days went by with rain, snow and icy temperatures. Flyers were posted. As the search continued, tips and leads started to come in.

“After about 25 leads, we narrowed him down to one area, which was the Belmont area,” said Werling.

After a group meeting with a meeting involving a plan for traps, the search moved to the Belmont area. But it wasn’t long before Murphy appeared.

“We saw him. He’s dashing across the road as we’re setting the traps,” said Werling. “We were very, very concerned but we were just lucky. Absolutely lucky.”

Shivering and cold, Murphy was found and brought back to the Humane Society, where they say they fed him venison and hot dogs. But the community, they say, deserves the credit.

“I think a lot of people can sleep better, knowing he’s in a safe place,” said Werling.

According to the Humane Society, Murphy is heart worm positive and will be treated for the issue. His recovery will last between five and six weeks, but after that he’ll be able to be adopted.