INDIANAPOLIS – A pair of teenage twins are behind bars accused of stealing several firearms from a gun store on Indy’s near northwest side.

Using a stolen vehicle to smash a hole in the wall of 500 Guns on 16th Street late last month, surveillance cameras showed a thief with a hood and mask stealing at least 9 guns from the federally licensed dealership.

“That in and of itself is a federal offense and the idea is that illegal firearms don’t make it to the street,” said acting United States Attorney John Childress.

Just four days after the gun store break-in, police were able to track the suspects down to their home where they found not only six guns, but also a stolen truck.

Jayveon and Tayveon Majors are now facing federal charges for their alleged crimes.

Court records show the brothers have also been charged with multiple auto thefts in recent months. In fact, an affidavit filed this week claims the twins were seen on camera last month using a car to smash down a door at an Indianapolis car dealer and stealing two Dodge pickups.

“Illegal guns are driver of the violent crime in Indianapolis and we can say that definitively,” said IMPD Captain Mike Bruin.

Because a vast majority of Indy’s homicides are committed with illegal firearms, captain Bruin with the Crime Gun Intelligence Center, focuses on getting violent repeat offenders and their weapons off the streets.

“So instead of spreading a wide net, we’re able to really laser focus down on the people that are pulling the trigger,” said Bruin.

Last year IMPD seized a total of 3,555 firearms, with 3,686 seized in 2019.

“The purpose is to identify these illegal guns and disrupt the violence,” said Childress.

In addition to the twin suspects, police also arrested 20-year-old Deandre Allen for drug possession charges related to the bust.