Twisted bleachers off limits after storms rip through Johnson County

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EDINBURGH – Hoosiers are cleaning up after strong winds hit Edinburgh Tuesday night.

“You couldn’t see across the street. It was just….everything was just blowing,” Candy Campbell said.

Campbell has lived in Edinburgh 17 years. She saw trees and debris flying everywhere last night around 8 p.m.

“I thought a tornado went through there. That’s what everybody was saying,” Campbell said.

It was not a tornado. FOX59’s Weather Authority said it was a microburst, which is a burst of strong winds during a thunderstorm.

Campbell saw her neighbor’s tree snap and land on the road.

“I just happened to look at that tree and I mean it popped. (I think) lightning struck that (tree) and that thing just–I mean–(it) immediately fell,” Campbell said.

Corey Dennison and Ashlei Kellams were driving near Edinburgh Community High School when the storm hit.

“All of a sudden it just got gray. You couldn’t see nothing,” Dennison said.

Dennison and Kellams said they saw part of the bleachers flip over.

“The bleachers were just standing straight up like a tree and they just folded over and it was scary,” Dennison said.

Edinburgh Community School Corporation Superintendent Dr. William Glentzer said the bleachers, part of the track and fence were damaged last night. An insurance adjuster will visit the site on Friday to assess the damage. It is unclear how much it will cost to repair the bleachers.

Glentzer said they have the entire summer to fix the bleachers and make any other cosmetic repairs.

Kellams said she was frightened when she witnessed the bleachers bend.

“I was worried to death. I didn’t know if the car was going to (be) pick(ed) up next or what,” Kellams said.

While the storm did not last long, it created a mess around many homes

“It was so weird. It was so nasty and then the next thing you know there’s a rainbow,” Dennison said.

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