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MUNCIE – A two-legged dog is moving around a lot easier thanks to the generosity of a complete stranger.

Five-month-old Sonny was one of four Chihuahua’s born without two front legs. He was adopted by Kelley Stewart who runs a pet sitting business in Muncie.

“From the get go, he was just rambunctious. Ready to go. Full force. Nothing would hold him back,” said Stewart.

Even with his deformity, Sonny has learned to hop around on his hind legs. However, Stewart said, that puts a lot of pressure on his chest and nubs and could eventually lead to injuries.

What he needed was a wheelchair. Soon after his story picked up national attention, a woman in Florida donated enough money to buy him one.

“Her name is Susan. Her husband passed away a year ago and since then she was just in limbo,” said Stewart. “She saw the story and she wanted to help in memory of her husband.”

When Stewart first put Sonny in the wheelchair, she said he was scared. Now, he’s getting the hang of it and learning how to reverse and make turns more quickly.

“When he doesn’t have his wheels on, he’s rowdy. But with the wheels, he’s a lot quicker,” she said laughing.

She said the generosity of all the people who donated money for Sonny’s well-being has taught her that there are still compassionate people in the world who care about animals like Sonny.

“Animals like him get tossed aside, put to sleep, and to me… it’s a statement that… they’re still valuable and he’s obviously full of life. He’s got a lot of love to give.”