Two women become first uterus donors in Indiana history

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Two Indiana women are the first two uterus donors in Hoosier history.

This past month, an Indiana woman in her 30s died unexpectedly and became an organ, tissue and cornea donor. In addition to saving four lives through her heart, liver, kidney and lung donation and healing many others through tissue and cornea donation, she also became Indiana’s first-ever uterus donor.

Soon after the first donation, a woman in her 40s became the second-ever Indiana woman to donate her uterus after death. She was also able to save lives through heart, liver, lung and kidney donation.

The first recovery surgery took place at Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne and the second recovery surgery took place at IU Health Methodist Hospital.

Both donors are survived by their husbands and children.

The first donor’s husband told Indiana Donor Network staff that about a month ago, his wife told him she would want to be a donor if she was able to do so. Her donation decision created hope and healing for four recipients of lifesaving organ transplants, up to 75 people who will receive her tissue and corneas, and one woman who is receiving her uterus.

The second donor’s family told Indiana Donor Network that she had a loving heart, and she would have been happy to know she saved lives through organ donation and potentially helped another woman know what it is like to be a mom.

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