Unnerving porch pirate swipes shoes along with family’s sense of safety

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — A porch pirate was caught on camera in Noblesville, and the homeowners says the video reminds him of a horror movie.

“Like The Ring, where she just crawls out of the TV, that’s what it felt like,” said homeowner Chris Eberhardt.

He and his family spent Saturday night outside on their porch during a power outage. Hours later, their security camera caught a man slowly crawling up their porch after they left. The would-be-thief examined a few of their shoes before making off with their son’s new school shoes.

“It’s not for the pair of shoes,” Eberhardt said as he explained why he spoke with us. “It’s because someone can just sneak up on your porch and take your stuff.”

The family said it’s not the price of the crime that matters. They now have an unnerving feeling inside their own home. Neighbors told us they saw the same man ride a bike by the Eberhardt’s home the following day.

“If the guy needs help or he’s homeless, that’s fine, let’s handle it,” Eberhardt said. “If it’s some guy breaking into people’s homes and robbing them, he needs to pay the price for that.”

Noblesville police just got the case and are looking at the video. They are hoping for more leads. If you think you know this man, please call the Noblesville Police Department at 317-773-1300.

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