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INDIANAPOLIS — There are more than 1500 registered sex offenders living in Marion County. 456 of them are listed as sexually violent predators. The Marion County Sheriff’s Department has a goal of tracking down each one of them by the end of the week.

Funded by a federal grant, sheriff’s deputies backed up by U.S. Marshals and officers from other departments are knocking on doors all across the city this week, checking compliance of sex offenders with the state registry and checking the offenders for any other outstanding warrants.

“They could have an identification card that does not match where they live or maybe they did not go down and register in time,” said Lieutenant Guy Hammons.

Deputies checked on the whereabouts of nearly 200 sex offenders during the weekend and place 13 under arrest.

One of those was Orlando Richardson, a convicted California rapist living on Station Street.

“I don’t see why you coming up on my property like that,” said Richardson as he met deputies at his backdoor. “I ain’t broken no laws.”

When Richardson was asked how long he’d been living at the Station Street address, he answered, “Don’t worry about it.” That was enough for Hammons to advise Richardson that the information on his identification card did not match the sex offender registry, even though he was told last January to update his records, and Richardson was placed under arrest.

Hammons and his team had spent a frustrating afternoon chasing ghosts as sex offenders weren’t found where they claimed to be and residents of those addresses pretended not to know their whereabouts even though neighbors told police otherwise.

“A lot of time times one lead leads to another to another,” said Hammons. “Eventually we get them That’s how it works a lot of time. It’s just keeping up with them”