Unsealed court documents detail what led to man's arrest following pair of killings on Indy’s west side

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Newly unsealed court documents detail what led up to a pair of killings this month on Indy’s west side.

The suspect accused of both murders remains behind bars after being caught in Illinois.

Court records claim Damarion Moore killed his girlfriend inside her apartment, then drove five miles to another west side apartment and killed a second person. He then immediately jumped on the interstate and went to Danville where he was tracked down and arrested for both crimes.

Police were called to the Cloverleaf Apartments on January 8th after a series of gunshots in the stairwell led to the death of Chrishaun Snelling.

Police say the 21-year-old had been lured out of his parents’ apartment by a phone call. Prosecutors claim Snelling said, “I’ll be right down,” to whoever he was speaking with and walked out of the apartment.

“All I know is I was sitting upstairs and he went outside and five shots were heard in the stairwell and all hell broke loose,” said Snelling’s mother Alvenia Smith.

A witness identified Moore as the shooter and police say phone records show the suspect called Snelling just minutes before the shooting.

While still working on that investigation, detectives with IMPD got a call from police in Danville who claim Moore told family members he had also killed his girlfriend.

That tip led police to another west side apartment the next day where they found a woman shot to death in her bedroom.

That victim, Shaughnje Scott, had previously dated both Snelling and Moore and had a child with the suspect.

According to the affidavit, three days before the killings Moore sent a threatening text message to Scott that read, “All this cause you wasted my time and ain’t trynna (sic) work it out. I told you, my family is my family.”

That explanation is the only motive provided so far.

“I want to know why.  What was on his mind?” said Smith.  “They’re saying he did both of them and I want to know why.”

While she’s glad the accused killer has been caught, Snelling’s mother says justice won’t bring her closure.

“What’s done is done. He took her and he took him. I don’t know why, but it’s done. It’s not going to bring neither one of them back,” said Smith.

The suspect still being held without bond in Champaign County, but will eventually be returned to Marion County to face the murder charges.

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