Police: Franklin murder-suicide suspect argued with ex before killing her friend, neighbor

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Above (left to right) Ernest Jasper, Andrew Parish and Sara Davidson

FRANKLIN (Feb. 4, 2014) – Johnson County authorities believe 21-year-old Andy Parish knew he was going to die.

They say Parish left a vague suicide note in the bedroom of the home he shared with his parents. But, they say the note gave no indication that he intended to hurt or kill anyone else.

Around 10:30 Monday night, Franklin Police say Parish took a handgun to a house on Bridlewood Drive, where he argued with his ex-girlfriend, 19-year-old Maria Davis. Davis lived in the house with her mother, Leanne Smith, her 12-year old brother and her friend, 19-year old Sarah Davidson. Davidson had just moved into the house three days earlier, according to her mother.

Investigators say the argument between Parish and Davis prompted her younger brother to run across the street for help. He found 46-year old Ernest Jasper and his two sons, Dustin Grey, 21 and Danny Scott Jr, 18. Jasper and his two sons went across the street to calm things down, according to police. And that’s when the situation turned deadly.

Franklin Police Chief Tim O’Sullivan said Parish fired multiple shots, killing Sarah Davidson at the scene and injuring Leanne Smith and Dustin Grey. Ernest Jasper survived his injuries for a short time before he was later pronounced dead.

“This is a very violent scene and unexpected,” O’Sullivan said. “I don’t know that I have words for it. It’s just something you hope never to see again.”

Smith sustained a minor injury and was treated and released. Grey was last reported in stable condition at Eskanazi Hospital.

Maria Davis and her 12-year old brother were not injured.

After the shootings at the house, investigators say Parish drove his Ford Mustang a short distance to a grain silo along County Road 400 North. A neighbor who saw his car called it in as suspicious activity. As police responded and announced their presence, Parish was standing a few feet from his car. Without a word, they say he turned an AK-47 on himself and took his own life.

“It’s just a sad day in Johnson County,” said Sheriff Doug Cox. “Unfortunately, we may have these type of incidents once a year, but once is once too many.”

During a Tuesday news conference, police said there were no outward signs that Parish would resort to deadly violence. They said the suicide note left at his parents house was found after the shootings occurred. They did not share details on what the note said, but did mention that it was vague.

Reached by telephone, Sarah Davidson’s mother told Fox59 that her daughter had just move into the house on Friday. She said Sarah and Maria Davis had been friends from middle school. She said Sarah never mentioned any problems with Maria’s ex-boyfriend, Andy Parish.

A friend of Ernest Jasper told Fox59 that Jasper was a kind man who would do anything to help somebody. According to police, that’s what he was trying to do when he was killed Monday night.

Investigators were still working to determine what caused Parish to turn toward violence. Pictures on his Facebook page showed him and Maria Davis during happier times. There were also several pictures of guns and ammunition, similar to what police say they found in his car.

Franklin Mayor Joe McGuiness praised the work of law enforcement in responding to the violence. He also stressed the importance of spotting any warning signs of violent behavior.

“You know, a lot of times we hear domestic violence, whether it’s emotional, physical, whatever that may be,” McGuiness said. “This is a perfect situation where it can be taken and escalated to the next level. And it needs to be taken very seriously. “

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