Valet delivers baby in hospital’s parking lot

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An expectant mother knew the drill but her baby did not want to follow the plans. She was able to deliver the child at the hospital, just not inside.

Mother and baby are resting comfortably in the Birthing Center at Columbus Regional Hospital, but little Hannah was not born in the Birthing Center. She was born in the hospital’s parking lot, welcomed with open arms, by an unlikely member of the hospital staff.

“Baby’s shoulders, head, it is all coming out and I am kind of catching it like a football,” said hospital valet Venissa Altman.

What a catch!  Altman is a valet at Columbus Regional. There was nothing in the handbook that could have prepared her for delivering a baby.

“No, no, no. This was not a typical situation,” said Altman.

Baby Hannah could not wait to get to the hospital, so she was born in the parking lot and landed right into Venissa’s arms.

“I looked down at baby and she cries and I knew everything was going to be alright,” said Altman.

Hannah was not supposed to join the outside world until next week, but the day she was born her mother got a familiar feeling.

“I was feeling a few little contractions throughout the day and had not really looked at the clock to try and figure out how far apart,” said new mother Teresa Moyer.

Teresa left work and met up with her husband, Jason. The two raced to the hospital. Jason was behind the wheel, Teresa was in labor in the passenger’s seat.

“As I am driving, shifting, talking on the phone to the hospital, and not run anybody over,” said Jason Moyer.

“Getting around cars trying to get me there as quickly as he could, telling me not to push, even though I was feeling the urge to push,” said Teresa Moyer.

But there she was 6-pounds, 11-ounces and healthy. Little Hannah joined some pretty good company, she is one of seven Moyer children, but the only one to make an early arrival.

“The only one that wasn’t induced took over 12 hours, so I figured I would have plenty of time,” said Teresa. “Obviously she had other plans.”

Aaron, Samuel, Timothy, Micah, Lydia, Josiah and Hannah now make up the Moyer clan. Lydia, 5, was just glad to finally have a sister.

“She is so cute, cuter than Micah,” said Lydia.

On a typical day Venissa collects keys, retrieves cars and greets people. Delivering a baby was a break from the norm, but Venissa does not want to make it part of her daily routine.

“Uh, not anytime soon,” said Altman. “That is okay, I think this memory will last a lifetime, so it does not have to happen anytime soon. I would be okay with that.”

The Moyer family said they are not ruling out baby number eight. If life plays out that way and there is an eighth child, the family said they will plan to get to the hospital with more time to spare.

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