Van used to transport seniors and people with disabilities stolen

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. — Some senior citizens may not have a way to get to their next doctor’s appointment because someone stole a wheelchair accessible van from Johnson County Senior Services.

A volunteer says the driver of the van was taking a patient inside Franciscan Health hospital in Indianapolis on Thursday.

She left the van running to keep it cool, like she typically does, then someone stole it.

Dorothy Ross has been relying on Johnson County Senior Services for more than 25 years.

The 101-year-old doesn’t know how she would get from point A to point B without them.

“They hardly ever turn you down,” Dorothy Ross said.

Now, Johnson County Senior Services may need to do just that after one of their vans were stolen in broad daylight.

“Without that van we are going to have to say no to folks that need transportation and we don’t want to do that,” volunteer Leo Rafail said.

It’s a huge blow to the organization.

“I think it’s ridiculous, because they’re taking away our services,” Ross said.

The white Dodge Caravan with a wheelchair ramp was new and it transported about 60 senior citizens and people with disabilities daily to various places; like doctor appointments.

“Just bring it back. You know, let us transport these seniors. What happens if this is your parent or grandparent; that needs to get to dialysis or cancer treatment?” Rafail said.

The last known location of the van was near Stop 11 and Southport Road.

Leo says somehow the thief was able to remove the GPS tracker.

Johnson County Senior Services hopes the van is returned.

“They don’t know the lord. All they know is the devil or they wouldn’t do that to people like this,” Ross said.

If you see the van you should call police. It has blue municipal plates with the plate number 54394.

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