Vandals launching rocks off bridge near downtown damage woman’s windshield

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Police say vandals are taking aim at cars and launching rocks off a bridge near downtown.

Jamie Sherfick was driving on Madison Avenue towards downtown around 7 p.m. on Monday. As soon as she got to the bridge, she heard a loud bang.

“The noise just scared me. It was like who just hit my car,” said Sherfick.

Sherfick told police someone threw a rock off the bridge. The rock shattered the passenger’s side of her windshield.  Somehow, Sherfick didn’t swerve, keeping herself and other drivers safe.

“There were cars around me, so I couldn’t really stop. I looked over and said, ‘What the…’ and I couldn’t believe (it),” said Sherfick.

This isn’t the first time vandals have set up along the bridge near Raymond and Madison. A couple of summers ago, police reports show several vehicles were hit, left with dents, scratches and busted out windows. Even an IMPD patrol car was hit with a brick launched off the bridge.

“They just want to cause trouble. They just want to be mean and cause trouble to people. I mean they don’t think it’s going to hurt someone,” said Sherfick.

It was way too close of a call and now an unnecessary repair bill Sherfick can’t afford.

“I was kind of upset that it happened. I was like, ‘Why me?’” said Sherfick.

She wants these vandals to know this isn’t fun or a joke; it’s dangerous and could be deadly.

“They need to stop throwing stuff over,” said Sherfick.

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