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KOKOMO, Ind.- The Howard County Veterans Memorial Park is meant to honor servicemen and women, but earlier this week, someone visited the park for another reason.

“Evil is evil and that’s what it was. It was evil,” said Jeff Handy, volunteer with the Howard County Veterans Memorial Park.

Thursday morning, a maintenance worker discovered five busted light poles. The light poles line the Walk of Honor, which are bricks engraved with heroes’ names.

“We always have to remember their sacrifice is the reason why we have a lot of the availabilities that we have today in America,” said Handy.

Handy takes the vandalism personally, not only because he’s a veteran. In the park, there’s a bronze statue of young serviceman.

That man is Handy’s son, Seth. Seth is a marine who served for 10 years. He safely came home from deployment this past winter.

“It’s special to me because it is my son,”  Handy told us.

Years ago, surveillance cameras were installed and then upgraded from a previous vandalism.

“Frustration. I just can’t believe people would desecrate a monument. I never could see the thrill in that. I just don’t understand it,” explains Handy.

A veteran and father of a marine wants those responsible to realize that they did was more than just damage, it was disrespectful.

“I want them to be held accountable, kid or adult, it doesn’t matter. It’s the accountability,” explains Handy.

The repair bill is expected to be around $1,000.

A week later, authorities detained a 12-year-old male for the offense of criminal mischief in connection with the vandalism.