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INDIANAPOLIS, In  (Sept 7, 2014) — Eight hours after the IMPD SWAT team responded to a report of a suicidal man, a former top ranking commander of the Metro Police Department emerged from his south side condominium without incident and allowed himself to be taken to a local hospital for observation.

IMPD Lt. Chris Bailey said no threats were made, shots fire or injuries sustained in the day-long incident though guns were found in the home.

“At no point were any laws broken and at no point were any threats made to officers or anybody else in the public.”

Negotiators spoke with the officer who himself was a former member of the SWAT team.

“The entire time that I was here I think that they were in constant contact,” said Bailey.

Though the officer and his troubled past are well known throughout the department, Bailey said the ex-commander’s name is not being released.

“That’s not something we’re going to discuss right now,” said Bailey. “We want to make sure that his family is taken care of and we don’t want to put any undue additional stress on the officer right now who is obviously going through a tough time.”

This highly public personal crisis occurs at the end of a trying 12-month period for the department.

Since last September, two officers were killed in the line of duty, a husband/wife police couple died in a murder/suicide and several officers have been arrested for drunk driving.

On Friday the department celebrated its first Day of Unity with a rally on Monument Circle to demonstrate the commitment IMPD and its community share for one another.