Veteran receives hate mail from neighbors, flag pole dispute with HOA resolved

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GREENFIELD, Ind. (Oct. 29, 2014)– A central Indiana veteran and his wife tell us a dispute with their homeowners association (HOA) about their flag pole has been resolved. It will stay standing.

Judy Willits told FOX59 they received word from their attorney Tuesday night that the conflict is settled. The HOA is requiring that the couple take down the flag pole if they sell their home.

The couple has been reinstated as members in good standing by the HOA.

The HOA will collect expenses for legal fees, but the money’s been accrued through anonymous donations.

The issue got the attention of  Hancock County Prosecuting Attorney Michael Griffin who said he would get involved if the Fieldstone homeowners association (HOA) didn’t back down by Saturday.

It’s been a long week for Bob and Judy Willits since the story went so public, receiving national attention, a week they say, filled with support and hate mail.

“We want it over, we don’t want to keep this thing going,” said Bob Willits.

Last Monday, their flag pole in the Fieldstone subdivision in Greenfield was the sight of a peaceful protest, by the area honor guard. The couple battled their homeowners association (HOA) for months, because the group said the flagpole was against the rules. The HOA wanted the couple to fly their American flag on a pole connected to their home.

Bob flies an American flag and a POW-MIA flag, because he lost his brother Lester in Korea.

The HOA tried to broker a deal, but Bob would’ve had to pay a fee for the group’s legal expenses as part of that particular compromise. He said he would not, on principle.

In the past week, he and his wife Judy told FOX59 they’ve gotten almost three hundred calls, of people cheering them on.

“Even one phone call from South America,” he said.

They’ve received cards of support and hate mail, too. Anonymous letter arrived from neighbors.

One said, “Now that you have destroyed Fieldstone, are you going to pay my mother’s nursing care costs when she is unable to sell her home there?” Another said, “You have caused immeasurable harm.”

Judy told FOX59 that she’ll brush it off.

“We’re not hostile with anybody,” she said, “We’re going to let bygones be bygones.”

HOA Board President Kaye Eckert did not want to go on camera Wednesday, but she told FOX59’s Kendall Downing it has been a stressful week, with members of the HOA board even receiving threats.

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