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ST. PAUL, Ind. — Putting the finishing touches on the ramp leading to the front door of a home may not seem like much, but it represents everything to one group of Hoosier veterans.

“It’s going to make my life so much easier getting out and doing something,” said Allen Babbs.

The work is being done at Babbs’ home in St. Paul, Indiana. He’s a National Guard veteran recovering from spinal surgery. A group of his fellow veterans called The Path Home heard he was having trouble getting in and out. They came together to show Allen he still has comrades to depend on.

“For a long time, I didn’t think I deserved anything extra because I was in the military. These guys proved to me they’re buddies, they’re my brothers,” said Babbs.

Volunteers with The Path Home have been doing work like this for more than 10 years. They’ve been working in other ways too.

“We don’t just help with ramps and things like that, we help with midnight phone calls, groceries, electric bills, just somebody to talk to,” said volunteer Jason Emery.

You can see the results for yourself on this project, but organizers say they get something more intangible out of it too.

“These people came home, and they have to re-start a life, and sometimes things happen. Sometimes it’s financial, and sometimes it’s physical, and we have to be there to honor what they’ve done for our nation,” said the group’s founder Bob Luenebrink .

For more information about The Path Home, visit to their website.