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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind– A victim of Jared Fogle and Russell Taylor filed a motion Thursday to dismiss her lawsuit against them.

The plaintiff, identified as “Jane Doe,” is a minor from Connersville. She was seeking $150,000 for personal injuries, emotional distress, invasion of privacy, negligent supervision, and negligence. The lawsuit was filed in March.

Court documents say sometime between March 2011 and January 2015, Russell Taylor installed multiple hidden cameras in his home concealed in clock radios to secretly film various minors, including Jane Doe, changing clothes, showering, bathing, and engaging in other personal and private activities. Court documents also say Russell Taylor distributed these sexually explicit images and videos to Jared Fogle.

In September, Fogle filed a motion in response to the lawsuit blaming the parents of the victim for her “destructive behaviors.” He said they fought around the girl and abused alcohol in front of her. When they got divorced, Fogle says Jane Doe had to constantly rotate her living arrangements, causing unnecessary stress, anxiety and trauma.

The motion says the lawsuit will be dismissed with prejudice, meaning it will be dismissed permanently once a judge signs off on it.

Fogle is currently serving a more than 15-year sentence in federal prison in Colorado. Russell Taylor is currently serving 27 years in federal prison in  Florida.