Fox59 Exclusive: Victim of Kokomo hit-and-run speaks

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We are hearing from the Kokomo teen who survived being thrown from a moped by a hit-and-run driver. Donte Brown remembers only some of what happened Thursday, but, enough to share the frightening story of what happened to him and his friend Christian Reede.

“We were finishing up a game of basketball. He (Christian) said he has to leave, and, I asked him for a ride, and, he took the roadway. All of a sudden, a truck came out of nowhere, speeding, and hit us,” says Brown.

Brown says he saw the truck coming at them, but, couldn’t avoid the collision. The impact sent both teens flying, before hitting the ground hard.

“And, it broke my leg, in three places, and then my arm,” says Brown.

The truck, described by police as a late model Ford, drove off, leaving the teens lying in the middle of the road. Investigators are trying to find that person.

Donte’s friend Christian Reede, 13, died Friday night from severe injuries he sustained. That was tough for Donte to deal with, but has this message for Christian’s family.

“I’m sorry for their loss, I wish he could have made it through,” says Brown.

It’s going to be a long road to recovery for Donte. His mother says the family has to buy a special bed for Donte to use for months, once he leaves the hospital. There’s also going to be intense physical therapy. Through all the pain, though, Donte and his entire family is thankful for the huge outpouring of support.

“Thank you for saying that so I can get well,” says Brown.

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