Victim says robber potentially used real name to order food before stealing items


ANDERSON, Ind. – A DoorDash driver says she was robbed at gunpoint and claims one of the suspects used their real name to place the order; which could help police in the case. 

“I was terrified. I was just thinking about my kids,” Victim Jessica Hedquist said.

 On the day meant to celebrate a man who fought for peace; Jessica Hedquist came face to face with violence. The young mother was robbed at gunpoint while trying to make a little extra money through DoorDash on Monday. The robbery happened while Hedquist was making a delivery on Cedar street.

 “I went to the address to drop them off and I was told there was no-one there by that name,” Hedquist said.

 The customer then called her. They told her to drive back down Cedar street and they will meet her.

“I met up with 2 young boys and they acted like they had left their cash at home and I said ‘I’ll wait and you can grab the cash,'” Hedquist said.

The would-be robbers had used the “cash payment” option on the app. She says as she got back into the car 2 more men were waiting for her with a gun.

 “The boy that had the gun to my head told me to give him everything and he kept repeating that. I told him I didn’t have anything,” Hedquist said.

 She says they took off with her purse and the food.

“I figured it was better to lose my purse than my life,” Hedquist said.

 Anderson police say they are looking for the 4 people involved.

 Hedquist says one of the robbers left his fingerprints on her jeep and thinks one of the robbers used their real name to place the DoorDash order. Hedquist has worked at DoorDash for 3 months and has never had an issue. She wants people to realize you can easily become a victim.

“My sister has talked about it. My mom has talked about door dashing. I just wanted everybody to know this kind of thing does really happen,” Hedquist said.

 She’s just happy to be alive and glad things didn’t turn out worse.

 “It’s not worth it. I could’ve reached for my gun and I could’ve shot,” Hedquist said.

 Anyone with information on the case should call Anderson police. They suggest if something seems suspicious it probably is. They say you should leave an environment if you don’t feel comfortable.

DoorDash released a statement to us about the robbery:

“We take the safety of our community extremely seriously. Since learning of this incident we took immediate action, including reaching out to the Dasher to confirm her safety and offer our support and care. We have also been in touch with local law enforcement to cooperate in the investigation.”

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