Victim’s family: Teens in crime spree deserve death penalty

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INDIANAPOLIS – Some family members of the murder victim from last week’s crime spree say the two teens accused in the crimes deserve the death penalty.

“Whatever the court gives to them is not harsh enough for what they’ve done to all of us,” said Janet Yingling. Her ex-husband, John Yingling, was fatally shot behind the wheel of his truck while leaving for work last week.

“It doesn’t matter whether they’re kids or not,” Janet said. “They made an adult choice. Therefore they should pay the adult price.”

Janet’s daughter, Stacey, also wants the death penalty for the teens.

“If it was their parents, they’d want it too,” Stacey said.

Although sentencing a juvenile to the death penalty was deemed unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2005, the teens accused in the crime spree face serious penalties.

Sirquain Burr, 17, is already charged as an adult and faces multiple counts, including murder.

Prosecutors also want the other suspect, a 15-year-old boy, to be charged as an adult.

Fox59 has learned that the Marion County prosecutor will file a petition to waive Edwards to adult court during his initial hearing in juvenile court Thursday morning.

Janet said she has heard others expressing sympathy for the teens and their parents.

She has none.

“I can see it both ways,” she said. “I can see their parents because they’re about to lose their son. But my kids lost their father. And there is no going and visiting him in jail.”

Stacey said she’s trying to remain positive by remembering good times with her fun-loving father. But she can also feel her anger through her tears.

“He didn’t deserve any of this,” she said. “He didn’t deserve it at all.”

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