Video captures scary moment: a large tree falls onto passing vehicle on city’s near north side

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A scary scene unfolded on the city’s near north side when a large tree fell directly into traffic. The tree hit a car with two adults and two babies inside. The family says they feel lucky to be alive. Jashiauna Grace was driving her husband and two children home from her mother’s house on Monday evening around six o’clock. As she drove past 33rd and College Avenue, she noticed a large tree slowly falling into the road and heading towards her vehicle. Grace attempted to dodge the tree, but on a busy street there wasn’t much she could do. “We could have lost our lives. It was a scary situation,” said Grace, “I just kept driving and then I eventually pulled over to make sure my kids were okay.” Luke Goaziou watched the scary moment right from his front porch and caught the whole incident on camera. He frantically ran to the car that to make sure everyone was okay. Goaziou estimates that the tree was 140 feet tall.
“They could have easily died, it was just a mistake that was made,” said Goaziou. Tyler Lott works with 317 Trees. His company was not the business hired for this job. However, he would like to provide some safety reminders and tips. “Tree care is one of the most dangerous industries in the world,” said Lott, “It’s the homeowners responsibility these days to take precautions of who they hire. Check the guys insurance, check their equipment, check that their certified and there are arborists on staff.” It’s unclear if the worker was removing the tree or just trimming it. Either way, Lott says safety precautions have to be taken. “If on a busy road, if traffic is a concern, we would pull permits from the city of Indianapolis and possibly use a police escort to sit on the job sites and make sure everybody is kept safe,” said Lott. This startling video is an important reminder to be mindful about safety for the crew and those on the ground. We tried to get ahold of the man working on the tree at the time; so far, we have not heard back. After speaking with a local attorney not connected to this incident, we’ve learned that the man or company working on the tree is liable in this case, not the homeowner.

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