VIDEO: Snake sneaks into couple’s kitchen and devours egg

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(June 5, 2015) – What would you do if you found a snake four feet long in your kitchen?

That’s exactly what one North Carolina family encountered, but instead of freaking out they decided to start recording video of it.

In this raw video courtesy of WSOC, you can hear the couple’s reaction after finding an unexpected visitor in their kitchen.

The long rat snake, fortunately non-venomous, was hanging from the spice cabinet and devouring an egg on the counter.

Homeowner Laura Neff told WSOC, “I couldn’t believe how graceful it was for such a big four-foot snake. Nothing else was moved at all it was fascinating.”

The video has gone viral on social media, and many people can’t believe how calm the couple remained while they watched the snake eat the egg.

“A lot of people on social media have asked how did you stay so calm. I think that helped both of us knowing the snake doesn’t care about us. It’s here for an egg. It just wants a meal.” Said Neff.

As soon as the snake was done eating the egg, Neff tells WSOC that they grabbed the closes tools they could find to get the reptile out of the house.

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