GREENWOOD, Ind. – A heartbroken community is coming together to remember those killed in hurt in Sunday night’s mass shooting at the Greenwood Park Mall.

A vigil was held at Resurrection Lutheran Church on the city’s south side.

“Whatever happens we can always come together to pray,” said Ryan Bailey, pastor at Resurrection Lutheran Church.

A day after the mass shooting at the Greenwood Park Mall, Pastor Ryan Bailey wanted to do something to help. Pastor Ryan’s congregation held a vigil, open who needed a place to grieve.

“I thought I was important for us to help our community mark this really tragic event, that this is changing us,” said Pastor Ryan.

Sunday evening a gunman opened fire inside the food court at the mall, killing three people and injuring two others.

“These people deserved to be remembered,” said Mary Roberts, who lives in Southport.

In song and prayer, the message from the candlelight vigil was one of togetherness.

“I think one of the real challenges we have when it comes to addressing problems like gun violence in our communities and in our nation is we sort of pick sides and we stick to those sides and we keep ourselves apart from one another,” said Pastor Ryan.

Those who showed up were church members and community members hurting and hoping for peace.

“I think we just need to know there is a community that cares, that this continues to happen and we can’t just take it in stride and say oh well because nobody deserves this, said Roberts.

Pastor Ryan also brought attention to the Beech Grove shooting that happened in a park just a few hours after the shooting at the Greenwood Park Mall.