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INDIANAPOLIS — In just over three weeks Indianapolis plays host to the biggest game in college football this season, and on Thursday volunteers got another preview of their work for the big event.

It will take more than 1,600 people to make sure the game and surrounding events run smoothly come January 10.

Thursday’s orientation, the third and final one for volunteers, focused on where volunteers will be placed, their jobs and most importantly how to answer any questions the thousands of visitors to Indy will have.

“If anyone’s been in this city for other sporting events everyone knows that Indy goes over the top and we roll out the red carpet and show off our Hoosier hospitality,” said Morgan Snyder, spokesperson for the Indianapolis Host Committee College Football Playoffs. “So every volunteer will be pegged and be put to work.”

Organizers said that some who have volunteered to be part of the game, have been volunteering to help during past big events that came to Indianapolis.

“It’s always fun. I think that’s the main reason I do it. I think meeting new people and being able to help them navigate the city in the different events is another reason that I do it,” said Nathan Robinson, one of the volunteers. “And then of course we always get cool gear. So I mean that always makes it fun too and then people I think that in itself is another advertisement to get other people to want to be engaged and volunteer as well throughout the different events that come.”

Volunteers who helped out during March Madness earlier this year, have also returned to be part of the College Football Championship.

“You kind of fall in love with the magic that is any of these games and you stay connected to any opportunities, so we have seen some of those people that now know – wow this is what Indy does for these events,” Snyder said.

They are still trying to find more volunteers to help with the College Football Championship.

Keep in mind, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all volunteers must be vaccinated and wear masks while helping at events.

If you are interested in being part of the game, you can find more about volunteering at the Indianapolis Host Committee website.