Want to start a new career? Indy is place to be, according to 2014 rankings

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INDIANAPOLIS — It seems Indianapolis is ranked on some type of “best of” list weekly, and the most recent accomplishment is getting a lot of attention. It was even mentioned in Time Magazine.

Apartment.com’s annual list of the best cities when it comes to starting a new chapter in your life was just published for 2014, and it lists Indianapolis as no. 8 in the country.

Kacey Shriner is a Butler student. She doesn’t know where she wants to work, but she knows she wants to stay.

“There’s a lot of exciting things going on in terms of arts and culture and sports and it’s pretty inexpensive to live here, which is really nice,” said Shriner. “It’s a small town with a lot of opportunities I think, but it has that bigger city feel which is what i think makes Indianapolis so special.”

And that’s exactly what the rankings took into account.

It favors cities where the average rent for a one bedroom is less than 25 percent of the gross median income.

Demographics and career opportunities are also taken into account.

“It doesn’t surprise me and I think it’s exciting,” said Julie Schrader, Associate Director of Internship and Career Services at Butler University.

Schrader spends her days helping Butler students and alumni find internships and jobs. She says many local businesses are asking for workers fresh out of college.

“Especially in the social media field where some of those employers need that help of marketing and promoting their business, spreading the word about the good things they do. Those students seem to be able to come out on the ground running and be able to provide that, and a lot of other skill sets as well,” said Schrader.

Butler even offers Indy Summer Experience, a summer program paid for by a Lilly grant. The goal is to get students out of the so-called “Butler bubble” once a week to see what it’s like to live and work in Indianapolis, and hopefully entice them to stay.

“It just showcases how students get involved in their community and also dine in nice places in Indianapolis and network with the alumni and some employers that we invite to come along,” said Schrader.

Even if you graduated years ago and want a fresh start, Schrader and her office can help you.

Most colleges in Indiana offer similar services.

Apartments.com 2014 Top 10 Best Cities for Recent College Graduates

  1. Denver, CO – $1,248 (average rent for 1 BR apartment)
  1. Charlotte, NC – $953
  1. Phoenix, AZ – $842
  1. Austin, TX – $1,188
  1. Columbus, OH – $732
  1. Cincinnati, OH – $707
  1. Fort Worth, TX – $864
  1. Indianapolis, IN – $946
  1. Las Vegas, NV – $897
  1. Dallas, TX – $1,178


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