Warmer and rain chances rise

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Fall has been in the air recently with cool afternoons and a few very chilly nights.  Tuesday marked the 5th straight day with below normal temperatures.  Early Tuesday the mercury fell to 43° in Muncie and dipped to 38° in Marion.  The official high of 76° was a little closer to normal and seven degrees warmer than Monday.

Late Tuesday clouds have been on the increase and the dew point is on the rise.  A milder night is coming as so is a warm front.  The front moves in Wednesday and behind it a strong surge in warmth and humidity.  It will feel more summer-like over the next few days with area temps climbing well into the 80s Thursday.  The amount of rainfall and cloud cover will impact area temperatures and with enough dry time a few thermometers could move in on the 90° mark.  Historically only 25 years (17%) have produced a 90 degree day from this date on.


Light rain showers are possible in the area early Wednesday and there is a chance of a few showers and storms Thursday but the best “chance” of rain here is shaping up for Friday.  Areal coverage on the rain will ramp up as a cold front settles south Friday night.  An average of 5 computer rainfall forecast is placing .78″ down in the city ranging from .58″ to 1.22″.  Should this rainfall occur – it would be the biggest rain officially in the city in 6 weeks.

September rainfall is running 1.47″ below normal and this is the 5th straight month with a rainfall deficit.

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