Washington Township neighbors concerned after finding animal carcasses on baseball field

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Neighbors in Washington Township are complaining after finding dead animals on a baseball field on the north side.

In the last two weeks, one neighbor tells us they’ve found a deer and a couple of rabbits.

“They left the head, the neck, the leg, and in the leg was either a bullet hole, could’ve been an arrow, I’m not too sure,” said Katie Rice.

But she was adamant that she was looking at a dead deer.

“The deer, it had looked like it had been harvested for some of the meat and possibly dumped. Someone could’ve dumped it in the trash,” said Rice.

Rice stumbled across it as she was walking her dog. The dead deer was lying on a baseball field next to Westlane Middle School. Rice says this isn’t the first time she saw something like this.

“A couple of weeks ago, it was skinned rabbits. One of them was fully skinned — precise skinning — the other one was partially skinned,” said Rice.

Seeing the dumped animal remains has left her concerned for those in her neighborhood.

“It concerns me. I have big dogs, but coyotes concerned me for little dogs like hers because they’re drawing coyotes to this area, and kids walk to school this way, people come to go running, I see moms with their strollers and their kids,” said Rice.

Neighbors aren’t sure who is responsible. Whether it’s someone poaching or dumping, they want it to stop. Rice is planning to use some extra surveillance to help.

“I also have a trail cam, one of those hunting trail cams. So maybe put that up, and it can detect. We can at least see who’s coming down here to do that,” said Rice.

Neighbors have made reports to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. They say they are investigating at this time.

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