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INDIANAPOLIS – Construction will soon begin on a new early learning center for Washington Township schools. District leadership call it a state-of-the-art facility bringing new opportunities to thousands of families.

“This continues our commitment to quality educational opportunities for the 11,000 students that we serve each day in our schools,” said Dr. Nikki Woodson the Superintendent for MSD of Washington Township

Woodson is talking about a new facility to help the districts youngest.

“The early learning center will be a modern, state-of-the-art preschool and daycare facility,” said Donald Kite, the President of the school board for Washington Township.

At a groundbreaking ceremony district leadership explained how the new early learning center will have enhanced security, large activity rooms and more.

Kite added, “Energy efficient HVAC systems and all new LED lighting. As well as handicap accessible and age specific play areas, colorful and engaging interior design.”

The district not only saw the need now, but they’re preparing to meet the needs for their future students who were on hand to help reveal the plans. The children solved a puzzle to show ceremony attendees what the outside of the center will look like.

Experts say new early learning centers are essential because the skills those young kids learn turn out to be lifelong skills.

“The brain develops faster in the first five years of life than it does in any other time in a child’s life, so those five years are an opportunity to lay the foundation for the future learning of the child,” said Erin Kissling is with Early Learning Indiana, the state’s largest early childhood education nonprofit.

She’s aware that high quality centers fill up fast, and open spots are hard to come by.

“Depends on the neighborhood you live in and the area of the state you live in, it’s hard to find an early learning setting that really meets your family’s needs,” said Kissling, “So it’s exciting when we see programs opening that are really committed to meeting the needs of their community.”

Breaking ground to give the future generations a space to begin their education.

“One of the most important aspects of equality and equity is buildings, outstanding facilities that all of our citizens can use,” said Kite.

Referendum money that voters helped pass will pay for this new facility. 

The new Washington Township early learning center is expected to be complete by July 2023.