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DENVER (KDVR FOX31) — If the sticker shock of your monthly cell phone bill has you scratching your head, there may be some help out there.  Talk, text and data can quickly add up.  Tina and Craig Garcynzski in Aurora know that all too well but for the most part they think they’re getting the best deal possible.

“Sounds like it doesn’t it?  But it doesn’t look like a good deal when i see the number on the paper” said Tina as she looked over her bill.

We had the Garczynski family setup their account on a website,  The owner of the site claims he can find ways to trim that bill for more than 90% of customers.

“What we do in a nutshell is show businesses and people what they’re currently overspending on their cell phone service.” explained the owner of that site, Nick Lindwedel, via a remote interview from St. Louis.

The Garczynski’s were paying $136 per month.  Lindwedel was able to shave $30 per month off their bill by simply making some minor tweaks to their plan.  Their contract doesn’t change and he says they’ll still have the same services they had before.

Lindwedel said most people are either buying too much voice, text and data or not enough.  Either way, he said the cell phone company wins.  The secret is to find the perfect plan for your family.

“95% of the people that are out there are in that window of either overspending on their cell phone service or they’re getting charged for overages because they don’t have text message, enough data or enough minutes,” explained Lindwedel.

He also said there are a few other things you can do right now to save money.

– Consider dropping your insurance.  It often doesn’t make sense when you consider the cost per line and the deductible you’ll pay if you need a replacement.

“You can get a screen fixed on a phone for $50 or $60 and the same phone would cost you $200 dollars for the deductible,” said Lindwedel.

– Find some friends!  He said the best deals are always going to be available for people who have family plans.  Most cell phone companies don’t care if the people on your plan are actually members of your family.

– Be realistic about what you need.  Often we think we need unlimited talk, text and data but it’s just not true.  Look at your actual usage and you may be surprised.

We went one step further and broke down the price for a 2 line plan with unlimited talk, text and data on each of the 4 major carriers.  Our results are below:

At&t Wireless Sprint T-Mobile Verizon
Price per line (unlimited talk/text) $40 $50 $50 (first line) $30 (second line) $40
Price for data $80 (6GB Shared) $10 (3GB per line) $10/line (2.5GB per line) $80 (6GB Shared)
TOTAL $160 $120 $100* $160
*based on each carriers website on 2/21/2014
*T-mobile does not offer 3GB/line or 6GB shared plan

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