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What was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives is now a nightmare. Local brides just found out their wedding planner is being evicted from her venue. Which means their weddings are off. Now they’re against the clock and out of thousands of dollars.

Stephanie Sabik’s has been planning her wedding for more than a year but one text message from her planner brought the entire process to a halt.

“I got a text and I dropped my phone. I didn’t know what to do. Couldn’t keep up with the payments and was being evicted,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie’s wedding is in 60 days. She booked with wedding planner Toni Arthur-Wall of The Whole Shebang Planning in Wanamaker. She only had 2 payments left.

“We have nowhere to say I do. We have nowhere,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie posted her heartbreak to Facebook and quickly discovered she wasn’t alone. Alyssia and her fiance also booked with Toni. Their wedding is less than two weeks away.

“And she hasn’t paid any of the vendors that we paid her for anything. At this point we don’t even have a photographer or a DJ. After receiving that text yesterday we lost all hope,” Alyssia said.

We called Toni to get some answers and find out why the couples aren’t being reimbursed immediately. She tells us their money was used toward utilities and upkeep at the venue.

We found multiple lawsuits under Toni’s legal name “Antoinette Wall.” The owner of the venue she previously leased is suing her, her current landlord is evicting and suing her, as well as a former bride who sued her and won. But the payment hasn’t been made. Now these families fear they face the same fate and no wedding.

“How can you do this to multiple brides and look at yourself in the mirror? How do you do that?” Stephanie said.

Stephanie and her fiance are still looking for another venue. Alyssia and her fiance have another venue. Now both couples are trying to figure out how they’ll pay for another space since they gave all their money to Toni. She’s offered to repay them in installments but hasn’t said when those payments would come. Both couples have gofundme accounts in hopes they can still celebrate their special day.

Stephanie’s gofundme

Alyssia’s gofundme