INDIANAPOLIS — A west side used car dealership continues to battle the city and the state over deep holes forming in front of their property.

“You know a lot of people walk around with their phones, and they are not looking. You know, next thing they are falling in,” said Karen Pedigo, Office Manager of Pedigo’s Auto Sales.

Two of the holes measure 8 ft and 5 ft deep. They are in a wide easement near the road in front of Pedigo’s Auto Sales. The store is on West Washington Street right on the Marion-Hendricks county line.

For two months they have been calling the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and the Mayor’s Action Line looking for answers. Pedigo says each entity passed responsibility back and forth.

“I would like them to figure out what caused the problem, and to fix the problem,” added Pedigo.

INDOT confirmed the holes are indeed in the right of way on a state road. They also said they have a maintenance agreement with the city.

If a state road falls within Indy’s city limits, they claim Indy’s Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for all upkeep of sidewalks, grass plats, or connecting drainage.

“We decided we better do something. I talked to my husband about putting some cones out there to keep people from getting in them,” said Pedigo.

We spoke with DPW. They are reaching out to their lawyers to determine if INDOT’s maintenance agreement is valid, or if there is possibly a misunderstanding of the agreement.