Westfield Historical Society fights to preserve log cabin


WESTFIELD, Ind. — The Westfield Washington Historical Society and Museum is working to preserve a log cabin that’s nearly 200 years old.

Historians believe the log cabin was built in 1833, before Westfield was even a town. They say there’s no way to be sure, but they believe a trap door inside the cabin points to it possibly being part of the Underground Railroad.

Developers bought the land the cabin sits on and the society says they were going to tear the cabin down, so the historical society got involved.

“I immediately called the developer and just stood in front of the wrecking ball. I mean this was getting ready to be torn down right away,” Diana Peyton, president of the Westfield Washington Historical Society said.

She says Langston Development was happy to give the log cabin to the historical society. The next step is to take down the log cabin and preserve it.

Once the weather improves the historical society will put it back up for the community to enjoy.

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